Musical Recordings from the Realm of the Dead (2014)
Four separate individuals at the dawn of wireless technology become accidental collaborators in a musical composition that is pieced together through radio waves.


Beneath The Sea (2010)
A fisherman finds a mythical creature that sings a haunting song. He tries to record and study the music, but is unaware of the song’s chilling purpose.

Exhibited as part of a solo show at Blythe Projects in Culver City.


Alice in Otherlands: A Night at the Opera (2015)

American McGee’s Alice finds herself lost in a Wagnerian battle.


The Instrumentalist (2009)
An underground organist plays the transitional themes that mechanically change each season.


Dragon (2006)

After her parents die in a tragic fire, a young girl is sent to an orphanage where she begins sketching fiery visions. When the head of the orphanage sees her talent, he exploits her art for profit. After he demands more work, the girl unleashes a fire-breathing creation that takes on a life of its own.

Winner, Best Animated Short, Slamdance 2006
Best Animated Fantasy, Dragon Con 2006
Best Animated Film, Dragon Con 2006